specializing in business
to business services

Helping your business increase profits,
reduce taxes and manage cash flow.

Let us manage your bookkeeping needs
so you can take care of business.


Three key qualities driving our company to meet your bookkeeping needs.


It’s more than just a balance sheet. It’s your productivity.
Your profit. Your peace of mind.

We strive to create a more pleasant experience dealing with “the numbers”! Think of Weiler Bookkeeping Services as your ‘Secret Weapon’!

We can help alleviate:
• Your stress of filing HST and payroll tax remittance on time.
• Your headaches of organizing your day-to-day paperwork.
• Your sleepless nights wondering “did I file that”?!

We’re here to help you through the many gut-wrenching, hair-pulling,
mind-bending number games so you can get on with business! Period.


A simple, small word with a BIG impact on your business. Weiler Bookkeeping Services understands the value of trust.

Trusting that your paperwork will be done on time...
Trusting that your balance sheet will balance…
Trusting that your financials are secure...

We know how vital it is to develop a trustworthy, ethical business relationship. Especially around money! Weiler Bookkeeping Services is dedicated to building and keeping your trust for years to come.


There is strength in numbers. Partnerships promote growth.

“Numbers”. Just the mere mention of the word can exude so many emotions. Worry. Joy. Concern. Freedom. Fear… just to name a few.

Weiler Bookkeeping Services promotes a healthy relationship with money by managing your paperwork together to create a unified front. Get to know your numbers. It’s not as scary as you may think!